TransUnion Debt Consolidation Review: Debt Management

Are you struggling to choose between the thousands of companies offering consolidation loans? Perhaps TransUnion could help. It works with a wide range of popular lenders, so you can access a range of loan offers with one simple application.

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    Minimum credit score:

    Poor credit ratings accepted


    7.49% to 29.99%

    Loan amounts min to max:

    $50 - at least $100,000

    Origination fee:Varies
    Terms:36-60 months
    Late payment fee:Varies
    Prepayment penalty:Varies


    • A huge amount of lenders to choose from
    • Massive loans available in some circumstances
    • Terms up to five years
    • Those with poor credit ratings can apply


    • Impossible to get specific details on late fees, prepayment penalties, etc without applying
    • APRs are exceedingly high for those with poor credit
    • No option for terms shorter than three years

    Why should you consolidate your loans with TransUnion?

    • The variety of lenders - This is the best thing about applying for a loan through TransUnion. It works with well-known lenders like Avant, OneMain, Prosper, and Upgrade. Therefore, with just one application, you’ll find out if you might be eligible for a loan with all these companies without spending hours writing the same information over and over
    • Loans of over $100,000 in some circumstances - This is significantly higher than many competing businesses. If you have extensive debts from something like a medical emergency, home repair, or high-interest credit cards, this provider could be a valid option
    • Repayment terms as long as five years - If you’re looking to consolidate your loans because the monthly payments are too high, then you’ll usually want to set terms as long as possible. The more the payment is spread, the less you’ll (usually) pay each month
    • A poor credit rating won’t prevent you from applying - There’s no escaping that those with low credit won’t be able to access large loan amounts, and they’ll also be met with high APRs. However, at least you’re eligible to apply, which isn’t always the case in the industry for applicants with credit scores below 600

    What are the eligibility requirements?

    This depends on the provider, but there are some criteria which most services will require to be fulfilled:

    • At least 18 years old
    • Proof of employment
    • Social Security number
    • Photo identification
    • A U.S citizen or permanent resident

    How to apply for a TransUnion consolidation loan? 

    Applications are done online. Firstly, you’ll fill in a few details about the loan purpose and amount desired. An agent will email you with a guide to complete a full application which will require more details about your income and housing situation.

    Your eligibility for a range of loans will be assessed and you’ll usually get a response within one business day. 

    Customer Service

    • Connect via popular social network sites 
    • Twitter / Facebook messaging service open from 10 am - 6 pm Monday to Friday
    • Online support center

    What types of debt can be consolidated with TransUnion?

    Almost any kind of debt can be consolidated with this service. Although, some lending partners won’t accept applications based on student debt.

    Bottom line

    TransUnion works with many popular lending partners, but there’s a lack of information available in several key areas. For a more detailed and comprehensive service without prepayment fees, check out Avant. Or, for APR as low as 5.99% and consistently high customer satisfaction, visit SoFi today.