National Debt Relief Review: Debt Settlement: Does it Work?

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    Minimum credit score: Contact the lender directly
    APR: Variable Contact the lender directly
    Loan amounts min to max: $7500 minimum (maximum unspecified)
    Origination fee: (Service fee) 18% - 25% of total debt
    Terms: 24-48 months
    Late payment fee: Not applicable
    Prepayment penalty: Not applicable


    • Those in severe financial trouble are accepted
    • No fees paid upfront
    • Student loans help available in some cases
    • Low minimum debt requirement
    • Able to negotiate better settlements


    • May damage your credit rating
    • Unavailable in 8 States
    • Only provides help for unsecured loans
    • Service fee is exorbitant

    Why should you consolidate your debt with National Debt Relief?

    • Those in great financial strife can apply - This provider aims to be a good fit for those ‘with high levels of unsecured debt who are struggling with financial hardship such as divorce or the loss of a job.’ Many people in such predicaments will have extremely low credit. This definitely won’t be a stumbling block here
    • No fees paid upfront - There’s no avoiding that the overall fees could be colossal, but you won’t pay any fee at all until your other outstanding debt is gone
    • Student loans help may be available - Most debt companies aren’t willing to help students get out of debt, so it’s a big plus for this service
    • Low minimum debt required - Some similar businesses won’t consider debts lower than $15,000, so a minimum of $7,500 will help many more people access the program. For some, that amount can still be financially crippling in the short term
    • Able to negotiate better settlements - According to National Debt Relief, its employees are ‘almost always able to negotiate better settlements than can individuals on their own.’ If this is the case, it could prove to be a worthwhile endeavor

    What are the eligibility requirements?

    • At least 18 years old
    • Proof of identification
    • A minimum of $7,500 in outstanding debts
    • Those suffering from hardships like medical emergencies, job loss or divorce

    How to apply for debt consolidation assistance from National Debt Relief?

    Applications can be made online or on the phone. Once details have been taken, you’ll have a consultation with a qualified debt specialist to determine whether it’s the right program for you.

    If you agree to the terms negotiated by National Debt Relief, your consolidated payment schedule will begin almost immediately.

    Customer Service

    1. Email
    2. Mail
    3. Call the free helpline from 8 am until midnight from Monday to Friday 

    What types of debt can be consolidated with National Debt Relief?

    The full list is incredibly long. Suffice it to say that whatever the type of debt, this service can help.

    Some common examples include:

    Bottom line

    The debt consolidation program with National Debt Relief has a place in the market, but should only be remotely considered by those with catastrophic financial issues. Not only will debt consolidation of this type come with exorbitant fees, but you’ll actually have worse credit when the process is eventually completed.

    If this service doesn’t suit your needs, consider taking a consolidation loan with SoFi instead. It’s suitable for those with good credit and charges no origination fee, late fee, or prepayment fee. Avant is another excellent alternative. It offers loans as high as $35,000 and even provides for those with credit scores under 600.